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Aw and Awe 
February 20, 2015
And, no! Melancholy is not my prevalent state of being. Interview those who know me. Happy, silly and inquisitive would be my norm. Minutes are filled with the aw and awe you feel as you view the curious seal (sea lion?) the scruffy otter and the shocked juvenile grizzly. All these moments were as joyous for me watching these mammals and taking the photos as the majority of moments experienced each day.

This minute I'm grinning as I overhear* the conversation of two friends from the balcony above me along with the roar of the surf. My senses are singing with the scent of salty air and the movement of the jade sea capped with white and glacier blue foam.

We should find a playground, you and I. One with swings, a slide, a teeter totter, and one of those giant discs that spin around and around if you've enough people to hold the handles and run like the wind in the worn circular path that surrounds it. We will laugh as you swing me higher and higher and I bail out and tumble in the grass. I'll race you up the slide and we can join together - your legs around my legs - your chest to my back and we'll slide fast on the silvery metal slope and I will trust you to be on the teeter totter with me. We will take turns going high then low, high then low. We will let each other down, gently.

*my new friend calls this auditory hyperacuity, I feel so much better about this as I always felt I was eavesdropping
Location: Gull Cove     
Location: Gull Cove     
  Nikon D80 Af Vr Zoom-nikkor 80-400mm F/4.5-5.6d Ed 80.0-400.0 Mm F/4.5-5.6
Location: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge