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March 5, 2015
Moored, docked, sailing or at rest on a beach, boats are winks of happiness. Yolo boarders, kite surfers, kayakers, wind surfers and surfers are mesmerizing at play. Imitation is the best compliment, we humans become one with the water in various forms on items we craft. A new friend and I were speaking of happiness. She became still describing a day on her Yolo board amidst a pod of dolphins as they fed. The sight of a sea turtle coming close to investigate her board. She said, "I've discovered I'm happiest paddling among the reeds of the quiet lakes, hours of peace and beauty."

That's it. Hours of peace and beauty. Moreover being with the earth, the sea, the sky in each moment of nature.

Brian from birth to 3 would sit in a red wagon when we'd go for long walks around the beautiful lake and green space of his birth home. Through his eyes I was reminded to delight in the sudden flight of a startled heron, the brightest yellows of hundreds of daffodils shifting in a breeze, the feel of mud between toes. His life provided me life renewed. Absolutely, totally loving and being present to another and to life.

We begin our lives moored in amniotic fluid. Awash in the warmth of water. Jostled, rocked and afloat in the movement of the one who carries us through the trimesters of our development. Our first sounds those of water with muted noises from outside our womb home.

A return to water, the mere sight of craft that allow the rock and roll of it's movement is a return to our original, secure and unique self.
Location: Havana    Tags: #Cuba #Havana #Habana #Boats #Fishing #Malecón  
 Cuba Havana Habana Boats Fishing Malecón
Location: Dillon    Tags: #Sailing #Lake #Dillon #Regata  
 Sailing Lake Dillon Regata Canon Powershot S50 7.1 - 21.3 Mm
Location: Dillon     
  Nikon D80 Tamron Af 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 Di Ii Ld Aspherical (if) Macro (a18) 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3
Location: Havana    Tags: #Cuba #Havana #Habana #Malecón #Fishing #Boats  
 Cuba Havana Habana Malecón Fishing Boats