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Crazy Beautiful 
March 9, 2015
Morning on the beach and the clarity. colors and beach formations are a combination seldom experienced.

There's a call for entries for a Small Art Show in the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City. Deadline this Friday. I will enter photographs and an acrylic painting. It will be my first entry and I'm unsure of the best approach: three very different pieces, three pieces with a theme, the three pieces most likely to be studied for their beauty or creativity or unique inspiration.

Yes, it's new terrain but the timing is perfect. Arizona may be my home away the week of the show. Guest volunteer photographer will be my role at the 2015 Mary Todd Benson Foundation Golf Tournament in Tempe. Following that there's the Compassionate Bereavement CareĀ® Certification course in Sedona and extra days will be spent there seeking a vortex or two and photographing the beauty there.

My dear friend DeeAnn commented one day, "We'll never make a living with the photography but that doesn't make it less fun." Well, she said something that I'm choosing to remember like that. But it is a part of living, observing beauty in my mind and capturing what provokes me to awe through a lens.
Location: Seacrest    Tags: #Beach #Sand #Waves #Tide #Sculpture  
Flow and Form Beach Sand Waves Tide Sculpture Nikon D80 18.0-250.0 Mm F/3.5-6.3
Flow and Form