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Covid-19 Day #39 
April 18, 2020
6:36 AM MT in the Rockies - I'm writing from my favorite covered bench looking from the stove fire to the deck to the back side mountain view from the dining window. Finches are beginning to arrive at the feeders. There's 3" of snow on the deck, lined in angles as snow seeped through the board breaks. Nope, that's not the photo pictured. That is from a warm spring day in Oklahoma. A completely different life from a wonderful past. A decade ago from this current life perspective. And that is not what caused fitful sleep and the 4 AM awakening. Thankful for the Insight Timer App -- Meditation is good when sleep is evasive.

Ahhhh, brilliant preparation in early March, I ordered 10# of Peruvian coffee from Ampersand in Boulder. It is delicious. A vice, I realize, as the hot blue corn chips I ate yesterday as my dinner. Food in the time of Covid-19 has been a yo-yo between healthy and comfort. No doubt, I am ├╝ber fortunate. I have plenty and it's what I choose. Gratitude is beyond my feelings most minutes. Today, though groggy, there is gratitude.
Last evening's World THANK YOU by Lady Gaga - the Jimmys - Kimmel & Fallon - and so many world entertainers, experts, leaders and more - it was beautiful.. Lizzo's A CHANGE IS GONNA COME blew me away and Billie EIlish's & Phineas' SUNNY took me to summer camp in Oklahoma City in the 60s -- SUNNY was the song of that summer. Gratitude for music, for talent, for inspired writing, for musicians.

FaceTIme with my son is always like the winning shot at the end of a basketball game, for me. Yesterday he was Scruffy-esque [Scooby Doo's Shaggy owner]. We laughed a bit. Cambridge, Massachusetts was having a bit of snowy weather, too. He and his lovely partner were off to get groceries. We're all boycotting Whole Foods for the horrific lack of support for their employees. Bezos is raking in more money than perhaps the USA has access to these days - yet he fires ppl who protest, will not give health care insurance and - I recently learned - is not allowing employees to say they have Covid-19. This soon to be a NYT article.

Ranting... my bad.

A BBC headline today is something like TERROR COMES TO OKLAHOMA CITY. Today is the anniversary of the Murrah Building Bombing that killed nearly everyone inside the building. Gosh, that was a long community healing process. There are likely still suicides and deaths as a result of that horrific morning.. It's slow motion in my mind - I'm at a podium at OCPS admin building about to address all the principles, there are perhaps 200 in the auditorium. I'm speaking - the floor rocks a bit and dust begins to come down from the ceiling. We immediately adjourn and move toward televisions. We were 1.7 miles from the explosion.

That fall, or maybe spring, the Metropolitan Library System had it's first LITERARY VOICES. It was an evening with author, Dave Barry. I believe it was the first time a lot of us had laughed since 4/19 @
9:02 AM CST. And we guffawed. This time of Pandemic is reminiscent of that time of disbelief, horror and sorrow. Because we've survived before, we -- as a world of people -- will survive again.

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