B.j. Norris Gause
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Capturing the Captured 
September 12, 2012
This is a close up view of the Tarpon I caught in Boca Grande Florida ... What a beautiful fish...!
No Life Guard On Duty.. 
September 12, 2012
This capture of a painted sun setting sky was taken behind an empty lifeguard station on Clearwater Beach Florida..!
  Iphone 4s
Behind the Scenes 
September 12, 2012
This beautiful sunset capture was taken on a sand dune behind some grass on Clearwater Beach Florida
Location: Clearwater Beach     
  Iphone 3gs
September 12, 2012
This capture was taken from a boat in Tarpon Springs Florida .. Sunsets are an amazing gift given to us to be awe inspired daily...!
Location: Tarpon Sports Complex     
Me and My Bubba 
September 12, 2012
I scanned this picture in , I believe I was 5 - Making this picture from 1979... notice the apparel - I guess belly showing has always been "IN" LOL