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Scottish 38 year old musician and English teacher living in Vienna. Married to Arturo from PerĂº since July 2009. Mother to Sophia since September 2013.
Last day at Weyringergasse 
August 2, 2011
Taking a small break from packing/cleaning/binning stuff as the move approaches its eleventh hour. Unless you are an extreme minimalist or an ascetic, it's only prior to a move that your place has that wonderful sparse studio-like quality. I thought I'd try out some artsy shots and then my nephew and niece came to join in.
  • empty spaces
    empty spaces
  • Empty spaces and mirrors
    Empty spaces and mirrors
  • Kusy
  • Kusy and Jose Franco
    Kusy and Jose Franco
  • and ... he's off
    and ... he's off
  • Kusy accessorises with Sponge Bob stencil
    Kusy accessorises with Sponge Bob stencil
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