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A day of driving and eating 
March 1, 2012
Today, we say adios to one of the best B&B's we've ever encountered - Hosteria de La Colina. And Hasta Luego to our new amigos - Bev and Glen Aldrich, the proprietors - and our favorite Chilean dog, Pepo. But, not before we finally got to see the Vulcan (volcano) de Villarica - well, almost to the very top! The picture was shot from the Hosteria's lookout tower.

It was a good day for driving and, due to the rain, not so much for anything else. So, we decided to drive to Valdivia to poke around before heading further south to Frutillar Bajo. We enjoyed another fabulous lunch at a restaurant near the river bank that Glen had recommended. Then, we headed for the Entrelagos Chocolates Artesanales for dessert and to look at some locally made sweaters. But, how could we forget - by the time we got there (2:30), it was siesta time. The shop would not reopen until 3:30. So, we sadly returned to our car and decided to hit the road. But, the heavens played a little broma (joke) on us. We got pretty lost, traveling about 20 km onto an island adjacent to Valdivia before it occurred to us that a big body of water to our left was probably not a good sign. By the time we righted the ship and returned to Valdivia, it was nearly 3:30 - just in time to go to Entrelagos again!! Yum! Chocolate cake with tea and the Miel we bought a couple of days ago. By the way, I am totally convinced that the Miel has curative powers. My stomach was a little rocky (ok, maybe a lot rocky) during that day when we discovered the Miel and our friend Alejandro. Starting that night and ever since, I have eaten my Miel with tea. Aqui lo tiene (Voila for you Francophiles) -- I am cured!

We then hit the road for the second time and drove on to Frutillar Bajo -- not on your life to be confused with Frutillar Alto -- and a very lovely Hotel Elun with a view of Lago Llanquihue and tres Volcanoes when the clouds permit. Our room has a window with a beautiful view of all of it (pics manana).

[sidebar - at dinner we overheard a couple of guys speaking to each other in Ingles! We had to ask them what they were doing here. The talkative one explained they are doing Evangelical Protestant Missionary work - this time a leadership council in Southern Chile. This fellow was the son of missionaries, born in Bolivia where he still lives. Very smooth talker. He did not try to convert us - probably just as well]
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View from Hosteria de La Colina Villarica Chile
View from Hosteria de La Colina
Location: Villarrica    Tags: #Villarica #Chile  
The Villarica Volcano Villarica Chile Iphone
The Villarica Volcano
Location: Villarrica    Tags: #Villarica #Chile  
 Villarica Chile Iphone
Location: Villarrica    Tags: #Villarica #Chile  
Bev, Pepo and Glen Villarica Chile Iphone
Bev, Pepo and Glen
Location: Villarrica    Tags: #Villarica #Chile  
Again...(Glen is hiding his left hand because it is bandaged after recent surgery) Villarica Chile Iphone
Again...(Glen is hiding his left hand because it is bandaged after recent surgery)
Location: Valdivia    Tags: #Valdivia #Chile  
Corvina for lunch Valdivia Chile Iphone
Corvina for lunch
Location: Valdivia    Tags: #Valdivia #Chile  
Sopa de Mariscos Valdivia Chile Iphone
Sopa de Mariscos
Location: Valdivia    Tags: #Valdivia #Chile  
Chilean Salad Valdivia Chile Iphone
Chilean Salad
Location: Valdivia    Tags: #Valdivia #Chile  
Dessert at Entrelagos Valdivia Chile Iphone
Dessert at Entrelagos
Location: Valdivia    Tags: #Valdivia #Chile  
Entrelagos Valdivia Chile Iphone