Impressions of Gran Canaria 
November 28, 2008
Gran Canaria a small little bizarre island full of contrasts. Home to over 1 million people it takes about 1 hour to drive around the island on the 8 lane brand new superhighway. It's hard to miss that Gran Canaria is the center of eurotrash land where speedo's, steroids, topless women, latin divas, territorial flirting and unhealthy tourists seem to be the norm.
Also home to IKEA, Spain's largest shopping mall, second largest seaport and the fifth largest city in Spain its easy to forget that this island is located off the western tip of Africa next to the Sahara desert. This island has even more paved road then all of western Africa put together.
On the south side you encounter Las Vegas inspired theme parks and casinos intertwined with picture perfect roundabouts and "all natural" beaches connected with giant swimming pools. For those Swedes out there you have the option to visit classy nightclubs such as Spy Bar, Café Opera and of course Systembolaget. Doesn't it feel great to be close to home?
If you put aside the end to human civilization and get away you will find a beautiful ocean with excellent surf, cristal clear waters, mountain forests, banana plantations and spectacular sceneries. It's these impressions I have tried to capture in the photos below. Enjoy!
  • View from bedroom.   Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
    View from bedroom.
  • Nearby break.  Surf Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
    Nearby break.
  • Img_0017.   Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
  • Img_0020.  Surf Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
  • Img_0030.  Surf Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
  • Img_0033.   Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
  • Img_0036.   Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
  • My rental car.   Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
    My rental car.
  • What is Andreas doing?.   Canon Digital Ixus 860 Is
    What is Andreas doing?.
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