Leon Amiri
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My Thoughts 
March 4, 2007
It makes me mad when my head fills with bad thoughts, They invade every part of my brain, Like ships that traverse to many ports, They come and go while I remain, Locked in some time warp of space, Sometimes no expression on my face. Dark and gloomy thoughts in my head, I play host to all who trespass my mind, They have no meaning they are not lead, They inhabit every area they can find, Not even the strange feelings I keep, Prevents me from a good night sleep. Why oh why do I submit to their will , Can I not withstand their force, When my mind is not blank and still, I find it filled with such remorse, I yearn for peace and calm rest, But I wonder if I can stand the test. These devils feed on my weary thoughts, I alone can summon my strength, I must regain my sanity of sorts, Finally after such great length, I can essence some commanding might, To rid me from this lack of light. Back I come from this twilight hell, Back I come to to enjoy the day, Away from this sorrow where I had to dwell, To the life where love lets me stay, Back to all that I left behind, Back to the sanity I regain my mind.