Sean Davey
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I am a veteran photographer of the surf scene with more than 140 magazine covers and 3 books to my name. I license out my images and print my own signed prints and canvas. e: [email protected]
Blue water paradise 
March 19, 2013
You’ll be hearing a little less from me over the next week or more folks because I’ll be traveling to the blue water paradise of the Maldive islands, just south of Sri Lanka, in the Indian Ocean. Although this is not a surf trip as such, there is some surf at at least one of the resorts that I will be visiting. Regardless, you can expect to see a whole new range of amazing new ocean based visuals. If I can get connection, I will be posting random images as I go. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful lagoon also in the Indian Ocean paradise of the Cocos Keeling Islands. Stay tuned…..