The smell of wood instead of foam.... 
May 18, 2008
I made a pilgrimage to Grain Surfboards this weekend, something that I have wanted to do in a while. Grain's homegrown approach is totally refreshing in comparison to most surf companies these days: the company is run by surfers, has a commitment to the environment (they use locally sourced wood and epoxy that does not release any more dodgy stuff into the air) and produces amazing boards that are totally in tune to the local surfbreak. It felt in many ways a throwback how to surf companies operated in California in the 1950's, but at the same time being incredibly modern and innovative.      Even the T-shirt I bought was made out of bamboo as a wonderful alternative to the pesticide and sweat shop ridden cotton t-shirt one finds elsewhere. Thanks Mike for taking the time to show us your wonderful creations.
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