Team Zaplife
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January 24, 2013
Today we are introducing the new Faces page on discover. This page makes it easy to discover interesting people to follow. Each "face card" includes the top 8 photos uploaded by the user as well as a one click follow button and some statistics. You can click on any of the top 8 photos to instantly launch the slideshow and browse through the popular photos.
For new users the Faces page will also appear on various pages to make it easy to get started with the Zaplife experience.

We have also added a popular section on the Faces page that uses an algorithm to calculate the most popular users on Zaplife. The idea is to reward active/popular users that upload high quality photos and also present to the community interesting people to follow. The algorithm uses a mixture of several variables such as likes, comments, number of photos, followers and also includes a time factor. The algorithm will be continuously tweaked to be as fair and accurate as possible.
If the community likes your content and you are an active user you will eventually be listed on the Faces page. Being listed is a great way to increase your exposure and following.