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Trichia Mary-Rowina London. 19 years. Woman. Sweden. Both veryday-life & "proffessional" works. I mostly upload photos from iPhone 4s. Follow/comment and I'll follow/comment back!
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August 25, 2012

In about one and a half week I'll move to a combine rehab (mental illness) and apartment (as belongs to a big house with other apartments). On one way is this almost like my very first own apartment as an adult! I mean, after all, i pay for it every month...

And today is a big day! Nooo, i take that back... It's a HUGE day!!! My family, unclude all my siblings, my mommy, daddy, stepdad, couins, uncles and aunties will come here to celebrate this... Only for ME! The fact that I have a big and caring family are the least, most simple words I can tell! In fact they are awesome and I'm sooo thankful and feel so much loved!

Love ya, everyone!
Thanks to aunt Matina, and her husband Tommy, uncle Jude and his wife Sarina, the cousins Carlyle, Crystel, and Krish. My mum Michelle, dad Per, stepdad Mats, stepsiblings Ella and Theo and my sister Madde!! I would also thank my dads ex Eva and her children Emma and Jacob and the amazing time we had together. I will always see you as family members, even if you and dad decided to go different ways! Thanks to my grandparents Berit, Arne (as passed away in august this year..), Michael and Marie! All my family members know who they are, and I don't have to write them all. All my closest friends knows who they are too, I have not forgot anyone!

Thank you guys!

Rest In Peace, loving grandpa! 
August 19, 2012
It's a strange thought that my loving grandpa passed away yesterday. My joking, lauphing, cute grandpa.

He had a very strong personality! He could be very angry, but 5 minutes later told that he was the most luckiest man in the world!

When my dad was on the hospital by his side and saw him die, my dad told him that he his grand daughters love him so much! "Me too..." was his last words...

I can't believe the truth! My grandpa, who was like a second father to me, is gone forever!

I will love you, now and forever! We will meet each other again - sooner or later!

Loved forever, a dad, husband, grandpa, brother and friend! We miss you so much!

Rest In Peace,
Knut Arne Vilhelm Johansson
Born: *13th of january 1922
Dead: +18th of august 2012

A candle lit for you, only for you, your memory! Candle Dead Grandpa Memory
A candle lit for you, only for you, your memory!
Life is not comfortable! 
August 18, 2012
The entire life is just a big bunch of lies, disappointments and a never-ending belief that this not is true...
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More random summer pics 2012 
August 17, 2012
Some more random pictures from the summer 2012.
Random summer pics 2012 
August 17, 2012
Some random pictures from the summer 2012.
Signed up! 
August 17, 2012
I found Zaplife on App store and decided to join and give this service a try after many disappointments of other photo blogging-services like Instagram, the swedish site and usual social networks like facebook, bebo, twitter and so on.

I'm a pretty ordinary swedish young woman. I'm 19 years old and supposed to finnished "college" last year (but it's a different kind of school grades here!) if I not went mental ill in the age if 14 and quitted school.

Because of I quitted school so early and just have study the years I missed afterwards is my english not perfect. I promise that I have never learned anything in school, I have figured out the english by myself by watching movies, listening to music, reading or talk with english-speaking people. My grammar is horrible, but I hope you understand and I think that I'll mostly let my pictures speak for themselves.

I hope you enjoying your visit here and don't forget to comment and follow! I'll do the same for you back!

This is me! Tricia Woman Swedish Self Portrait
This is me!
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