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I'm a child of God, growing in my faith. I'm a Christian photographer in love with the world God made. I'm in the world, but not of the world. I can do all things through Christ!

My Labeled Photography 2011 
January 25, 2012
I got my Canon 60D on Jan 13, 2011 as a present from my dad. A camera has never been a waste of money for me, and these are all the photos that I took for freinds and family and kiddo's that I love very much! I enjoyed doing portraits, but now I'm off to do landscapes! :) These were some of my firsts!
  • Crissy in the Clouds Clouds Girls Chromakey
    Crissy in the Clouds
  •  Girls Canon Eos 60d
  • Palms in Mexico  Fujifilm A220 A230
    Palms in Mexico
  • Sisters
  • Hope in the Sky  Canon Eos 60d
    Hope in the Sky
  • Just wanna have fun Children Play Pool Jumping Action Canon Eos 60d
    Just wanna have fun
  • What did you get?  Canon Eos 60d
    What did you get?
  • GO!! Girls Pool Jumping Canon Eos 60d
  • Hope's 12th birthday  Canon Eos 60d
    Hope's 12th birthday
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