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With our iPhone app you have all major Zaplife features in your pocket. For iPad users we offer an iPad version as well. If you don't have an iPhone or iPad, you can easily upload photos from your smartphone though email. Download now
The format
Create and edit entries to tell your story. Each entry can contain multiple photos similar to a traditional album.
Browsing through photos is easy and also allows you to simultaneously view social feedback as well as information about each photo.
You can create a portfolio by selecting your own favorite photos to display in your lightbox section, and your most liked photos are showcased in your popular section. Your profile also has a timeline to give your visitors a quick overview.
Social twist
By following people you are interested in you get a relevant and interesting feed with social updates and great content. This enables you to discover photography through a social layer as well as getting interesting feedback on your artwork.
For those private conversations there is also a full blown direct messaging system.
You are in control
By adding people to your friend list you can decide who gets to view your private photos. You can even change your username if you want. Zaplife deeply respects your privacy and will never claim the rights to your content.
Fully featured
For the more feature conscious user we offer a range of great features such as lens & EXIF data, e-mail posting, native fullscreen mode, tagging and geotagging. We want everyone from the amateur to the professional photographer to feel at home and therefore continuously keep adding great features.
Connect with the web
You can easily connect your account to Facebook and Twitter to notify your friends and followers when you upload photos. Zaplife connects seamlessly with your Facebook Timeline. Connecting your account also allows you to find and your friends on Zaplife. Integration with more services is coming soon.

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