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One night, down a road 
December 25, 2012
Most of these photos were taken on a road just outside of town. First thing I saw was somebodies bonfire. I stopped to get a picture and realized there must have been a bear or two around cause there were a few rifles going off...Time to move on I thought lol. The second bonfire was a huge double, Im guessing it was a farmer burning off, since it was cold and snowy out making it safe to do so. That road is a great place to see stars, very, very dark out. The old City sign is, I'm guessing from the 1980's since it has a very cold war statement of being a nuclear free zone. The fence was an attempt at light painting with my flash light, 25 second exposure, painting up and down the wire for 18 seconds. The tunnel is near the end of the road, to get back on the Highway. The Heart Bokeh, is something I saw and thought I'd try out, maybe more in the future.
  • Bonfire
  • Double Bonfire
    Double Bonfire
  • Stars
  • Lots of Stars
    Lots of Stars
  • Old City Sign
    Old City Sign
  • Old City Sign (close up)
    Old City Sign (close up)
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