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I am me, a mom of 2 (21yo and 15yo), a wife and a photographer. I love spending time with family, running, crossfit, and my photography business.
Tough day, better night.... 
February 18, 2013
I love to run and I love to work out, but there will come a time that my body will need a break. Not in the immediate future, but only time will tell when I will have to take a break! So, this may be my last marathon for a few years, but not forever!

I feel like I am always complaining, and I hate that. I am always in some sort of pain, some days not much at all, but some days I just have to work thru the pain. Hip dysplasia, arthritis, and erosion of the cartilage that covers my hip bones tend to give off a bit of pain. I always feel the more active I am the better I feel, sometimes!

Today I went to visit my dear ortho doctor that has been treating me for the past 5 years when I had my first labral tear. We have a love/hate relationship with each other, but I will always trust what he tells me. I have had 2 surgeries one on the right and one on the left side. I went in today I did the normal x-ray and stuff, and he did some mobility movements, that I don't like, because it hurts.
The X-rays now shows that I am losing more bone, and I have cysts on my hips, both sides and he says more arthritis. He continues to explain to me about what my next step is going to be. I can continue to workout, and run until I can't handle the pain anymore~ then I will need to schedule surgery for hip replacements.
I'm not sure how to take this, he told me that I won't have to worry about this until I'm in my 50's, but now I guess this will be taking place a lot sooner.
IN TEARS, and I don't know why! I am going to be ok!

Thank you hun,
Love you!
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