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Scottish 38 year old musician and English teacher living in Vienna. Married to Arturo from PerĂº since July 2009. Mother to Sophia since September 2013.
Morning illusion 
December 13, 2011
After countless days of grey, Vienna woke up to a cloudless sky. The sun was almost dazzling after so much darkness. Leaving home for work (pretty much the only opportunity I have to take daylight pics at the moment :-/ ) I noticed this shadow play. I didn't have time to investigate the source of light, but I think it was a gap in the upstairs passage and the railings above. Will have to check next time we get some sunlight.. could be some time. The only effect I put on was to lighten the pic. I did this to highlight the reflected light on the adjacent wall. Not sure how the pink and blue colours got there :-o
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