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Smile At All Of The Little Blessings In Life 
September 17, 2012
You never know what you have until it's gone, but until till be happy and thankful you have it in your life :)
A Little Bit Of New York & Some Fun 
September 17, 2012
  • Smile even when things are gray Coke Red Fence Smile Black White Gray
    Smile even when things are gray
  • New York Bitches :) Fav Place New York Happy Color Buildings
    New York Bitches :)
  • New York #statue Liberty Green Sea Cool New York Iphone 4
    New York
  • New York Cool Pic Color Sea Buildings Iphone 4
    New York
  • Art New York Art Museum Cool Shiny Metal Iphone 4
  • The Shape Of New York Cool Color Sea New York Buildings Pretty Iphone 4
    The Shape Of New York
September 16, 2012
Life Is Full Of Surprises 
September 16, 2012
Never judge a book by its cover, you don't know what's inside.

Don't end your own story, the worst is always before the best.
  • Let My Feet Fly Away Shoe Black White Dove School Art Pen Drawling
    Let My Feet Fly Away
  • Reach For The Clouds Hope Reach Clouds Stars High Love
    Reach For The Clouds
  • Not Everything Is As It Seems School Driveway Leaves Trees Color Pretty
    Not Everything Is As It Seems
  • My Yellow Flower Yellow Flower Drift Color Rainbow Bracelets Lake Water Camp Iphone 4
    My Yellow Flower
  • A Flower Of Hope Camp Lake Clouds Yellow Flower Wood Art Cool Iphone 4
    A Flower Of Hope
  • Trick Or Treat Halloween Pumpkin Orange Art Ghost Boo Iphone 4
    Trick Or Treat
The Truth About Love 
September 16, 2012
Sometimes love is harmful
It's crazy
Sometimes love is graceful
Other times it's just hazy