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Life Is Full Of Surprises 
September 16, 2012
Never judge a book by its cover, you don't know what's inside.

Don't end your own story, the worst is always before the best.
  • Let My Feet Fly Away Shoe Black White Dove School Art Pen Drawling
    Let My Feet Fly Away
  • Reach For The Clouds Hope Reach Clouds Stars High Love
    Reach For The Clouds
  • Not Everything Is As It Seems School Driveway Leaves Trees Color Pretty
    Not Everything Is As It Seems
  • My Yellow Flower Yellow Flower Drift Color Rainbow Bracelets Lake Water Camp Iphone 4
    My Yellow Flower
  • A Flower Of Hope Camp Lake Clouds Yellow Flower Wood Art Cool Iphone 4
    A Flower Of Hope
  • Trick Or Treat Halloween Pumpkin Orange Art Ghost Boo Iphone 4
    Trick Or Treat