Team Zaplife
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August 23, 2013
Keeping you up to date and continuously listening to your feedback is very important to me.
Today's competitive market in the photo sharing space is a challenging situation with the demand to be continuously ahead of the game.
When I launched Zaplife 3 years ago there was nothing quite like it on the market. Today photographers can choose from many great products to show their work.

To take Zaplife to the next level, I have been working on an entirely new concept. The new Zaplife will take advantage of the latest technology and design as well as the best and most popular features from the current Zaplife. Some concepts will change and new requested features added.

In the coming months the plan is to release a beta version that will function alongside the current version. By doing this YOU will be able to give feedback along the way until the final version is released.

Below is a preliminary sketch of what I am working on. The idea is to simplify even further making the photos stand out and give you more fun and social interaction with your photography.

Looking forward to your feedback!