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Trichia Mary-Rowina London. 19 years. Woman. Sweden. Both veryday-life & "proffessional" works. I mostly upload photos from iPhone 4s. Follow/comment and I'll follow/comment back!
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Rest In Peace, loving grandpa! 
August 19, 2012
It's a strange thought that my loving grandpa passed away yesterday. My joking, lauphing, cute grandpa.

He had a very strong personality! He could be very angry, but 5 minutes later told that he was the most luckiest man in the world!

When my dad was on the hospital by his side and saw him die, my dad told him that he his grand daughters love him so much! "Me too..." was his last words...

I can't believe the truth! My grandpa, who was like a second father to me, is gone forever!

I will love you, now and forever! We will meet each other again - sooner or later!

Loved forever, a dad, husband, grandpa, brother and friend! We miss you so much!

Rest In Peace,
Knut Arne Vilhelm Johansson
Born: *13th of january 1922
Dead: +18th of august 2012

A candle lit for you, only for you, your memory! Candle Dead Grandpa Memory
A candle lit for you, only for you, your memory!